Saturday, October 17, 2009

Treat me like your Mother...

This video literally gave me the chills. It was like watching the final days of my ex and I. I used to do the whole long, dark hair thing, he had the biker jacket.. we were a couple of indie dreamers.

In another video. " Will there be enough water" You can see the way Allison looks at jack.. she's in love.. and he ignores her. Of course he's married. But that destructive passion thing is there burning so hot you can see the sex leaping out of the pixels.

Why is it that women take on men who are bad boys, men they can't hope to live with without the fight of their lives.

Blog revived.


I am broadening the scope here.

I'm going to write about more things. I am going to not care if it offends anyone. I'm not writing to an audience anymore, I'm going to just WRITE and damn the torpedoes, and if the audience comes, beautiful. If you build it, they will come and screw em if they don't.

I set out to blog here initially because I wanted to earn sponsorship dollars, and maybe I still will.. For that goal, I will try to stay away from profanity, those folks don't like it. I have to post for 30 days straight before anyone will pick me up. So... here goes.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


This blog has gone green in support of the Iranian Resistance Movement. The Author of this blog calls for the US and Canada to open its embassies to take in the wounded freedom fighters. Obama, cowboy up and DO something.

Saturday, June 20

well we got a nice amount of rain last night, and I'm hoping the local farmers market is in business this morning, I want to go buy honey from the honey guy. I've been more and more on a local food kick, when cost is not prohibitive. I'm afraid someday soon local will be all we can get.

Today I also want to try out an antique grinder I have in the shed on wheat. If it works, I can put off buying a real grinder for a while longer, although one of those delicious motorized or hand crankable ones that you can get for 500 dollars really turns me on! Its amazing.. I'm old now, and I find myself getting excited by lush gardens and wheat grinders. Too funny!

Little side note, I tried the crockpot wheat bread with my big crockpot, with no flax.. and TOTAL FAIL. Stick to small loaves and the flax seed is important for soaking up moisture. I'm going to monkey with that recipe more for larger sizes, so watch for that if you are a whole wheatie.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome back, Me.

So much to write about!

First, I have to do a recap of the garden. Things have been progressing quite nicely. Here is a few of the whole...


Here are my very sexy cabbages. Remember those little babies in the cut up milk jug, growing up the handle? Well here they are.

first potatoes are in flower..

first squash, from the only one I started in Feb in the basement to survive...

And here we have eggplants, cantelopes, carrots, the sexy cabbages, some corn in the corner...

However, it wouldnt be me if I didnt post a picture of some mud. Here is the 20 ft by 20 ft potato bed I have going in the local church/community garden.

There are 120 feet of potatoes in there.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Well its been a while, hasn't it! The Gardens beginnings are beginning quite well.. First we have the basil
Its a little hard to see, but we have a few Lemon balms in one of theses, a few Lavenders in another and a few rosemary in the third. The herbs seem slow to sprout, save for that basil


Some tomatoes. I started out with 100 seeds, but about 28 plants are making it at this time. Though, if I have 28 full grown tomato plants, I 'll have so many tomatoes that I'll be swimming in them.

Some more tomatoes. I have Big Boy, Hillbilly and maybe one or two Purple Heavans.

Bad shot of my Cantelopes and Eggplants. These are ready to transplant.

Onions and yellow squash

One of the cabbage jugs has a plant growing up inside the handle.

Celery, ready to transplant.. Somewhere!

I saved this pepper plant from the frost last year, and I have a spring pepper.

outdoors, a tub full of repotting mix, just did a dozen zucchinis. I'm trying to get my zucchinnis and yellows producing early, so i am giving them a big start.

Gad Zuchs!

I use a lot of recycled containers for my pots. Water jugs cut in half, yougurt cups, really anything I can get my hands on that I don't have to pay for.

Bloomsdale long standing spinach

Swiss Chard My Foot!

The Snow Peas have Sprung.

yard Violets. i has them.

This is my cold frame. Its empty right now, since a big storm is coming this weekend and we may get snow. Its very simple, just 4 poles with plastc staple gunned to them, the poles are sunk into the groud and the plastic is wieghted right now with wood and mud, hoping that it won't sail away in the storm this weekend. It also channels benevolent energy from the eye of hourus to the plants via its pyramidical structure. Psych!

The seedlings are covered with sheets. I have no rocks here, so i use old bottom sheets and fill the ends with mud. This holds them down when the 50 -60 MPH winds that spell SPRING around here come through. The sheets will protect them from driving rain in the bad storms, as well as blistering sun on the bright days, untill they are strong enough to hold their own. The hay makes walkways for me on the muddy days, as well as serves as a blanket when the temps go below 30 at night to keep the cold hardy but still freezable plants alive.

The Potato bed: this year it going to be a raised bed, that will be contained by pallets that we will cut up and wire together. The compost has been spread and laid, next we will build the walls, and then add topsoil and potatoes. The compost is a rich mixture of nitrogen heavy greens, horse manure, hay, and a special ingredient.

I can't wait for those Potatoes! Mmmmmmm!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Love This Town

So yesterday, a 200 lb buck busted through a plate glass window at the Fifth Third Bank in Bustling Downtown Wapakoneta Ohio.

The deer apparently saw his own reflection, and took it as a challenge.

Police Chief David Webb is quoted by WIMA's Mike Miller as saying " He was there to get a little Doe".

I love this town.